PoJ Mix “NO BETRAYAL IN THE DESERT” featured on Workin Nights

Workin Nights
 // POJ mix #2 was inspired by a day spent out in the Table Top mountain range in the Sonoran Desert, occupied Tohono O’odham land. Borders are militarized and migration is circumvented along more treacherous paths. These paths of migration cross through Table Top. Clothing, backpacks, and jugs of water are left behind. Migration is natural. Borders are not. The desert is exactly what it appears to be.

e5188e65-0d04-4048-be13-4714a56f412eNO BETRAYAL IN THE DESERT

01 Death Blues – Onward
02 Grails – Alms
03 Earth – An Inquest Concerning Teeth
04 The Myrrors – Tea House Music
05 Date Palms – Exodus Due West
06 Master Musicians of Bukkake –  Prophecy of the White Camel Namoutarre
07 Jon Porras – Beyond the Veil
08 Popol Vuh – Mantra 2

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